Custom Hold Us Tonight Videos

I would love to create a custom "Hold Us Tonight" video for someone you love. This is a touching and meaningful gift for someone who has recently lost a loved one.

If you would like me to make one, please share the photos or video clips you would like me to use with, (google drive works the best for me).

To go along with the lyrics of the song, it works best to have photos in the following categories:

  1.  Pictures of memories from years past  (15-20)
  2. Pictures of memories that are more current (15-20)
  3.  Pictures of the final weeks or days with the loved one, and the funeral/interment/farewell (15-20)
  4. 2-4 pictures of dear ones who have previously passed away
  5. One of the larger family together, if you have one
  6. A picture of the deceased in a place they really loved, or doing something they really loved doing.

You can send up to 70 photos/video clips and I will select the ones that best fit the lyrics.  Usually 30-50 but more or fewer could be used.

See the samples below for ideas of what kind of pictures you might want to include.


Sample Video, 50 pictures/video clips



Sample video: 15 pictures, introduced with a sympathy note and bouquet of flowers image



This is the original video I created to go along with this song:


I am not currently charging money to create these videos, but when I have completed yours,  you are invited to make a donation through my website, in any amount you would like.  All donations will go towards supporting this website and paying for future professional recordings.


Here are a few comments, from recipients of a video gift, that reflect the comfort this song can bring to a grieving heart.

"I listen to the song every night. Thank you for this beautiful gift." -Cindy

"After saying my prayer at night I listen to this beautiful song and gain great peace."-John

"This song has tied our family together. It is a reminder of what we have to look forward to someday...of our Dad shouting for joy as we join him." -Danielle