Hold Us Tonight

I wrote this song for my cousins during the prayerful, sleepless night their dad was being taken off of life support. At about 2 am that same night, my mom texted news that my grandma's recovery, after a recent surgery, had suddenly declined and she had only a few hours left to live. Through that night, this song was my prayer, and a place for me to put my feelings and plead with God to provide comfort during a very tender time for our family.

After singing it at my uncle's funeral, many people asked where they could get a recording, or sheet music to the song. My cousin, Tara, encouraged/begged me to get a real recording made, saying she felt confident that there would be others who would also find comfort in hearing it. I had taught children's music classes for 5 years, and earmarked that money to be used for future music/recording projects, when the time was right. This was the time. I used my nest egg to get the song professionally recorded, create a website, generate the sheet music, create the original video, and distribute the song onto iTunes and youtube and other platforms. I felt guided and inspired along the way, and that the song would bring comfort and even joy, to people I didn't know yet.

So, here we are and here the song is.

You can hear the song on youtube, and download it here or on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and most other music platforms. Proceeds from downloads will help me to be able to create professional recordings of other songs in the future.

The full album includes a male version (for when the person passing away is male) and a female version. The other tracks on the album are intended to help you rehearse and possibly perform the song yourself. So there is a minus track (instruments only), piano only track, and acoustic tracks which are piano and vocals only with no other instruments. If you are not going to perform the song yourself, you would probably just get "Hold Us Tonight" and "Hold Us Tonight (Her)"

There are a few videos of this song on youtube:
1. The original video that I made in memory of my uncle
2. The video that I made in memory of my Grammy
3. Lots of other videos (that are just one image that shows for the duration of the song) that correspond to the tracks on the music album.

I have found that this song is most meaningful to those who see images of their loved one while listening to it. Because of this, I am offering to create custom Hold Us Tonight videos. These are a meaningful gift to families who are grieving. More about custom videos here.